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Get started with EthereumClassicPool


EthereumClassicPool has deployed several servers around the world to ensure the best mining performance wherever your mining farm is located.

You should choose the closest server to you in order to reduce latency. If you are not sure about which server to choose simply ping each server separately ("ping" command on Windows or Linux operating systems) and pick the one which gives you the lowest response time.

  Europe stratum server (Francfort, Germany)


  North America stratum server (Beauharnois, Canada)


  Asia stratum server (Singapore)


  Australia stratum server (Sydney, Australia)


You can choose from a variety of mining softwares in order to mine to EthereumClassicPool.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of mining softwares along with their configuration arguments for an optimal mining experience to EthereumClassicPool.

Please note that your worker names may only contain letters and numbers when using some of the mining softwares mentioned below. In addition they souldn't exceed 20 characters in length so they can be displayed on your mining dashboard.

  Phoenix Miner (official website)

-pool [eu/na/asia/au] -wal [ETCwallet] -worker [WorkerName] -pass x

  TeamRedMiner (official website)

-a etchash -o stratum+tcp://[eu/na/asia/au] -u [ETCwallet] -p x --eth_worker [WorkerName]

  lolMiner (official website)

-coin=ETC -pool=stratum+tcp://[eu/na/asia/au] -port=8008 -user=[ETCwallet].[WorkerName]

  Nanominer (official website)


  T-Rex Miner (official website)

--coin etc -a etchash -o stratum+tcp://[eu/na/asia/au] -u [ETCwallet] -w [WorkerName] -p x

You are free to use any other mining software as long as it supports ETCHash and the new ETC "Thanos" hard fork. For full compatibility with EthereumClassicPool, consider including your worker name using a separate parameter if this option is supported by your mining software.

Payouts are processed automatically every 2 hours. In order to get paid your balance should be higher than the minimum payout threshold of 1 ETC.

It is not possible to change the payment threshold at the moment.

Your balance is linked to your unique account id (ETC wallet address). It is not possible to transfer your balance to another address before it has been paid out or merge 2 or more accounts together.

There are many different payment methods available (PPS, PPS+/FPPS, PROP, PPLNS...). EthereumClassicPool is using the PPLNS+ (or FPPLNS) payout scheme which stands for Full Pay Per Last N Shares.

Pay-Per-Last N Share system rewards miners only once the block has been found by the pool. This means that you will get paid only once the block has been found. Then the pool goes “back in time,” and checks for valid shares contributed before the winning block. This is called a time window. Miners get paid based on the valid shares that they have sent in that time window.

PPLNS+/FPPLNS uses the same system as PPLNS. The only difference is that with PPLNS+/FPPLNS, miners get rewarded based on the full block reward (including transaction fees).

The mining luck indicates how fast a pool finds a block.

In an ideal world, the luck factor should be equal to 100% on the long run. Let's say that for a given pool and network hashrate, the pool should statistically find a block every 30 minutes. If the pool finds a block in 15 minutes, then the mining luck of this block will be 50%. On the other hand, if the pool takes 1 hour to find the same block, its mining luck will be 200%.

Of course it is essential to note that a single block's luck is not representative of the general pool luck.

EthereumClassicPool is the only cryptocurrency service allowing its users to redistribute a small percentage (2.0%) of their earnings to charity.

You can choose a specific NGO you would like to support by clicking the "Charity" tab on your mining Dashboard or choose to split your donation equally between them (this option is enabled by default).

The selected NGOs are WWF, Amnesty International, ILGA World, CARE, Action Against Hunger and Equality Now. You can find more information about these organizations on your Dashboard.

Your 2.0% donation is automatically deducted from your payouts and is redistributed on the first of every month to the selected NGOs.

Please note that if you choose a specific NGO on your Dashboard, your personal donation will be distributed to the NGO you selected at the time our servers process the global donation report on the first of every month. For example if you switch from donating to WWF to Amnesty International on the 31st of December, your total donation for the month of December will be processed on Januray 1st to Amnesty International.

EthereumClassicPool pays out the block reward as well as the transaction fees to its miners.

We only take a fixed 1.0% fee on mined rewards (in addition to the 2% charity fee which brings the total fee to 3% of your mining rewards).

The pool address is 0x7EAe22889A02624eb53e1CAA26468471F4f6ce08.

Our support team is available every day even on weekends. Feel free to contact us for any cryptocurrency mining related question or issue. We will also be pleased to answer any other inquiry regarding business solutions and partnerships.

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